A man’s shoes are the details of his soul


There’s something akin to bliss when I slip into a phenomenal pair of shoes. The way the foot is embraced by a snug, but not tight, grasp of enfolding Italian leather. Toes happy in the proper wiggle room of the toe box, make you dream of tap-dancing up the wall, across the ceiling and out the window into the radiant beam of a Brooklyn full moon. This is how unapologetically pleased I am, slipping into a favored pair of chukkas by designers Christian Kimber and Antonio K. Ciongoli. The designers brief but brilliant collaboration which lasted three seasons, produced some of the finest treads in the men’s sportswear and footwear department. The pair I’m very much in love with, are the hue of fresh grasshopper, softly Green suede, with a tender, furry nap, like velvet. Accented by British waxed canvas piping shoelaces and the definitely kinetic commando sole in Black.

Suede is an incredibly robust material suitable for all seasons and, I enjoy wearing it year round. Once smitten, you may never look at your conventional shiny leather footwear with the same eyes. And though it doesn’t wear or scuff easily, these you just don’t kick off into the tumble of shoes on the floor of your closet. Just a gentle brushing up of the suede nap with a baby hair brush will do the trick. And, these puppies do require a proper shoe tree. Try Christian’s own.





Every new shoe has its own special character: its true beauty will not appear to its best advantage unless it is worn with appropriate clothing and on appropriate occasions.