Black, blue on blue on high octane

by Charles David

A well thought through combination of solid colors like Black & Blue can turn out like the finish of a marathon Kenyan runner, smooth and effortless, with a lot of staying power.

Black & Blue make a striking but harmonious combo. Here, Ryan carries it off urbanely. If this combination is any inspiration for your next entrance, make sure that one of these two bold colors takes the floor. Ryan declares blue below the belt; Indigo sporty dress pants, deep cerulean socks, and a loafer, nubuck in texture, inky blue, on a subtle natural wood pseudo platform.

We lift our eyes to Ryan’s choice of a crisp white perfect cotton shirt, no collar buttons; A blank canvas enlivened by a deep cerulean challis floral burst patterned tie. And for the topper, a BRANDO-ESQUE vintage schoot real biker jacket encases him in urban armour, mirrored ray bans reflecting.
M Ryan villarina

Ryan Villarina

Ryan Villarina